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All Major Tyre Brands Stocked

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car. They are your only point of contact with the road and it is vital to keep them in good condition through regular checks. We can perform a full check of your tyres; tread depth, wear and tear, not forgetting the spare tyre. Our mobile tyre unit means that we can fit your tyres at a time and location that suits you.


JD Tyres

Wheel Alignment / Tracking

Having your wheels correctly aligned means that your steering and suspension will be a lot smoother. Often we can knock our wheels on kerbs, potholes etc. which means that they can be out of line. Our state of the art equipment means that we can align your wheels accurately and quickly.

We stock all the major brands of tyres. If you need something we do not have in stock, we will order it in for you.

JD Tyres

Tyre Tips

  • Check the pressure in your tyres every month. You can do this yourself if you have a gauge, or you can bring your into JD Tyres, where we will do this for you.
  • Always check the pressure when your tyres are cold.
  • Check the tread depth of your tyres regularly. Tyres can wear unevenly if the alignment if off, so check each tyre on both the outside and inside.
  • Always check for uneven wear, as this can shorten the life of your tyres.
  • Always remember to check your spare tyre.
  • Rotate your tyres. Depending on the type of car you have, your front and rear tyres will wear differently.

We have a selection of tyres to suit every budget

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